Project Overview

At Tigermar we focus on real relationships with real people.

Whilst we embrace the endless possibilities that advances in technology brings, we prefer to approach our relationships the old fashioned way. For example, while email, instant messaging and social media are great ways to communicate and enable us to be there whenever you need us, we also like to pick up the phone to see how you are and meet face to face as often as we can. We use sophisticated systems and tools to simplify our services and to share news and information quickly and efficiently. But we are always there for you in person, whenever you want some advice or to talk things through. We appreciate every new ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘connection’, but for us, nothing quite compares to a smile and a handshake.

It is with this close interaction that we are able to form special bonds and create healthy and happy partnerships, born from trust and respect. For us it’s about working with shared interests towards shared goals, listening and listening again, while growing and learning together.